CA Inter EIS-SM Quiz (EIS ICAI MCQ 1-10)

1. An Enterprise Information System (EIS) provides a technology platform that enables organizations to integrate and coordinate their business processes on a robust foundation. Identify the statement that does not fall under the list of objectives of EIS.

2. Depending on the size, nature of work and complexity involved in the processes of an organization; business processes are often broken up into different categories – Primary, Secondary and Management Processes. Which one of the following falls under the purview of Primary Processes?

3. A manufacturing company is facing an issue of not being able to provide timely supply of its products to the customers. Mr. Anil, an IS Auditor of this company identified that the delay is due to the manual processing of certain processes involved in the company. He suggested that the company should adopt _______ to overcome the problem.

4. Mr. X has setup his new business of manufacturing color pens. He is well known about various kinds of risks involved in his business; however, he unintentionally violated some industry regulations while setting up his business. Which category of the risk does this refer to?

5. Gigs and Gigs, the food court in a shopping mall wants to automate its manual cash counter into an automated card system. Same card can be used at various food outlets in the food court. This automation optimizes the information flow in service and billing. Identify from the following objectives of Business Process Automation that Gigs and Gigs is achieving by using this method.

6. Mr. Z is pursuing the course of MCA and is undergoing the practical training in an e-Commerce company. He has been given a task to prepare a flowchart describing the flow of transactions through various modes of payment used by customers to pay the bill to company. Identify the terminology that is irrelevant to the process of making of flowcharts.

7. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework consists of interrelated components that are used to identify events that are relevant to organization’s objective. Identify which of the following is not a component of ERM Framework.

8. The objective of Internal Control is to enable an organization to manage its challenges or disruptions seamlessly. Identify which of the following is not an objective of Internal Control.

9. Which one of the following deals with Section 143 of the Companies Act, 2013?

10. ABC Corporative bank strictly follows the policy of Sensitive Personal Information. Choose the attribute that is not defined as Sensitive Personal Information.

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