CA Inter Law MCQ Quiz( ICAI MCQ 1-20 )

1. Roma along with her six friends has incorporated Roma Trading Ltd. in May 2019. The paid-up share capital of the company is ₹ 30 lacs. Further, in April 2020, she noticed that in the last financial year, the turnover of the company was well below ₹ 20 crores. Advise whether the company can be treated as a ‘small company’.

2. Abhilasha and Amrita have incorporated a ‘not for profit’ private limited company which is registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. One of their friends has informed them that their company can be categorized as a ‘small company’ because as per the last profit and loss account for the year ending 31st March, 2019, its turnover was less than ₹ 20 crores and its paid up share capital was less than ₹ 2 crores. Advise.

3. Namita Ceramic Goods Limited having 152 members was incorporated with the main objects of manufacture of ceramic goods, glazed, unglazed floor and wall tiles, etc. and to carry on trading in such products. After three years of successful operation, it wants to diversify its business by entering into the field of manufacturing electronic goods for which it is required to alter its objects clause. Advise the company in relation to alteration of Memorandum.

4. Due to the management disputes, Flow Writing Industries Limited could not hold its current Annual General Meeting by the latest due date. Even after lapse of the due date, it seemed rather impossible to convene the AGM. In such a grim situation, one option available was to approach National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and seek direction for the calling of AGM. Out of the following four options, which one is applicable in the given case:

5. Anupam incorporated a ‘One Person Company’ (OPC) with his sister Alpana as the nominee and about three years have passed satisfactorily. Anupam does a number of charitable works and is associated with three NGOs. His business under his OPC has also flourished. Now he is planning to convert the OPC into a Section 8 company (i.e. a company formed with charitable objects). Choose the correct option.

6. An issuing house (share broker) has issued an advertisement in two leading newspapers for selling a large number of shares allotted to it by a company under a private placement. In which of the following conditions will the advertisement NOT be deemed to be a prospectus:

7. Which of the following statements is not true?

8. Which of the following statement is contrary to the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013?

9. A shelf prospectus filed with the ROC shall remain valid for a period of:

10. Shripad Religious Publishers Limited has received application money of ₹ 20,00,000 (2,00,000 equity shares of ₹ 10 each) on 10th October, 2019 from the applicants who applied for allotment of shares in response to a private placement offer of securities made by the company to them. Select the latest date by which the company must allot against the application money so received.

11. Being in need of further capital, Rimsi Cotton-Silk Products Limited offered 50 lacs equity shares of ` 1 each to 50 identified persons on ‘private placement’ basis and accordingly a letter of offer accompanied by application the necessary form was sent to them after fulfillment of due formalities including passing of special resolution. One of the applicants Rajan made a written complaint to the company highlighting the fact that the offer letter was incomplete as well as illegal, as it did not contain ‘renunciation clause’ as he wanted to exercise his ‘right of renunciation’ in favour of his son Uday. By choosing the correct option, advise the company in this matter.

12. Innovative Tech Sol Limited intends to invite subscription for ₹ 1.10 crores equity shares of ₹ 10 each on private placement basis. The persons identified as potential subscribers are within the statutory limit and also include the two other categories to which such statutory limit is not applicable. One such category is employees of the company who are offered equity shares under Employees’ Stock Option Scheme. the other excluded category is:

13. Neptune Metal Tools Limited was incorporated on 2nd December, 2018 with twenty-five subscribers and authorised capital of ` 50,00,000 (5,00,000 equity shares of ` 10 each). The directors of the company are in a dilemma whether to issue share certificates to the subscribers in physical form or in dematerialized form. Advise them correctly on this matter:

14. The amount that an unlisted public company is required to maintain as security deposit, at all times, with the respective depository when it dematerializes its securities shall be

15. Commission is permitted to be paid to any underwriter by the company only in respect of an offer of securities:

16. In case of ‘offer of sale of shares by certain members of the company’, which of the following options is applicable:

17. The time limit within which a copy of the contract for the payment of underwriting commission is required to be delivered to the Registrar is:

18. Shares issued by a company to its directors or employees at a discount or for a consideration other than cash for their providing know-how or making available rights in the nature of intellectual property rights or value additions, by whatever name called are known as:

19. The Articles of Association of a private limited company state that the company may issue preference shares which will have preference with respect to payment of dividend only but no preference as to the repayment of capital, in the case of winding up. Is it possible for the company to issue such preference shares?

20. A general meeting of the company is to be held on 30th August, 2020. The company has not paid dividend in respect of its preference shares for the financial year 2018-19 as well as 2019-20. In such case preference shareholders:

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