Welcome to our CA Final Corporate and Economics Laws quiz page! Our quiz covers questions from the ICAI MCQ booklet Question No. 1-10 to help you prepare for your upcoming exam. Test your knowledge and see how well you perform. Good luck!

1. In compliance with the Companies Act, 2013, at least one woman director shall be on the Board of the prescribed class or classes of companies. Ms. Riya is keen to seek the office of woman director in a company. Which of the following companies is mandatorily required to appoint a woman director where Ms. Riya can hold such office:

2. Kutumb Agro Limited (KAL), a newly incorporated company, has not mentioned the names of the first Directors in its Articles of Association. There are eight subscribers to the Memorandum of Association including Parivaar Agro Private Limited. From the following four options, choose the one which indicates as to who shall be deemed to be the first Directors of KAL when nothing is mentioned in the Articles?

3. The turnover of XYZ Components Limited as on the last date of latest audited financial statements is 400 crore rupees. An intermittent vacancy of a woman Director arose on June 15, 2021 due to the resignation of Ms. Swati. The immediate Board Meeting after the resignation of Ms. Swati was held on October 10, 2021. From the following options, choose the one which indicates the date by which the vacancy of the woman Director must be filled by XYZ Components Limited.

4. Amar Furniture and Fixtures Limited is a listed company engaged in the production of furniture and fittings at its factory located in Pune. There are 50,000 small shareholders of which some want to elect a small shareholders’ Director so that due representation to the small shareholders is accorded by the company and the issues relating to them are resolved during the Board Meetings at the earliest. Accordingly, 750 small shareholders served a notice on the company for the appointment of Vishal, a small shareholder, who, if elected, shall hold the office of Director on behalf of the small shareholders. From the following four options, choose the one which is applicable in the given situation:

5. Mr. Q, a Director of PQR Limited, is proceeding on a foreign tour covering entire Europe for four months. He proposes to appoint Mr. Y as an alternate Director to act on his behalf during his absence. The Articles of Association of PQR Limited provide for the appointment of alternate Directors. Mr. Q claims that he has a right to appoint alternate Director of his choice. Which of the following options is applicable in the given situation:

6. Mr. Nagarjuna, one of the directors of MGT Mechanics Limited, due to his own business interests, decided to resign as director and accordingly, sent his resignation letter dated 12th June, 2021 to the company stating that he intends to resign w.e.f. 15th June, 2021. Since no communication in relation to his resignation was received from MGT Mechanics Limited, he sent an e-mail on 17th June, 2021 enquiring about the receipt of his resignation letter by the company but there was no response. However, MGT Mechanics Limited received his resignation letter on 18th June, 2021. Out of the following four options, choose the one which indicates the correct date from which his resignation will be effective:

7. HCQ Pharma Ltd., a company listed with the Bombay Stock Exchange, was incorporated on January 20, 2002. The Directors of the company want to appoint Mr. Sanjay who is a Managing Partner of Sanjay and Associates LLP, firm of Lawyers, as an Independent Director of the company at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on September 24, 2021. Mr. Sanjay is acting as a legal advisor to Genesis Laboratory Ltd., Associate Company of HCQ Pharma Ltd. It is to be noted Adv. Sanjay charged consultation fees as given below: Year 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 Fees 2,00,00,000 10,00,00,000 0 Gross turnover of Sanjay and Associates 40,00,00,000 50,00,00,000 45,00,00,000 You are required to identify the correct statement from those given below:

8. The Board of Directors of MNO Pharma Limited is willing to appoint Mr. R, a qualified Cost Accountant having fifteen years of rich industrial experience, as Additional Director but the Articles of Association are silent about such appointment. Mr. M, the Managing Director of MNO Pharma Limited, is of the view that the Board does not have the power to appoint an Additional Director and therefore, if any such appointment is made, it shall be invalid. From the following four options, choose the one which is applicable in the given situation:

9. Mr. Z is proposed to be appointed as the Director in RLP Mechanics Limited. It is noteworthy that Mr. Z already holds directorship in one dormant company, two Section 8 companies, eight public limited companies and nine private limited companies. However, out of nine private limited companies, two are subsidiaries of public limited companies. In the given circumstances, is it possible for Mr. Z to accept another directorship in RLP Mechanics Limited without attracting any invalidity:

10. National Software Limited, a government company with fourteen Directors, is desirous of appointing two more Directors to enable good governance and to manage its affairs more efficiently and effectively. However, Mr. X, the Managing Director of National Software Limited, is of the view that the company can validly appoint only one more director and therefore, appointment of two more Directors would be a violation of the statutory provisions. Out of the following four options, choose the one which is applicable in the given situation: